behind the scenes newborn photography

sure, being voted Best Baltimore Newborn Photographer is great but I bet you are here to learn about the actual me . .the true side of me . .wellllll..

I’m quirky. I’m open. I’m confident. I’m real.

photography is not my life so let’s just get that out of the way. Actually, my background is in science. I am not innately artsy and I couldn’t sketch a person to save my life. I don’t particularly enjoy art museums although I have been in love with music from the time I was small. I discovered newborn photography by complete chance but quickly realized that is just fit me. Fit my strengths, my personality, and challenges me to see the world in a different and unique light -use my right brain instead of my totally comfortable left.

after that rush of euphoria at my first session, I was addicted. I dove in head-first, no if, and’s or but’s, no doubts, I just went for it. i’ve never looked back. I went for the jugular, full-steam ahead. that’s exactly how I live my life – just effing go for it! no regrets. never settle for less than what you truly want.

I have 3 beautifully free-spirited kiddos and we live near Frederick, Maryland amongst a bunch of wild hippies in an intentional community sharing common space, meals, chickens, gardens, composting, and tons of laughter between neighbors.  even more so, a true sense of happiness and energy fills the space around my home and i’ve never felt happier than i do when I am here with my girls, playing in dirt, dancing in rain puddles, wrestling chickens.  fresh air, inner peace.

I believe that true art conveys emotion. makes you feel – truly feel. . i want you to clutch your hands to your chest as you flip through your album and reminisce about how wrinkled and flaky your newborn’s skin once looked.

this time goes by oh, so fast.

i want you to remember the tousled hair, shy smile, and cheek kisses from your toddler. the overzealous bear hugs that your child gave without hesitation.

this is your one life.

live it
own it
capture it.