Newborn Photography Mentoring Workshop near Baltimore

Have you seen the big announcement for 2017? I am over-the-moon excited to offer a Newborn Photography Mentoring Workshop near Baltimore featuring both 1:1 and small group settings!  This is something I have always dreamed of doing since I love to teach others how to safely and professionally hold, move, and pose these precious and tiny newborn babies that we are given the chance to capture in their very few days on this earth.  I feel it was an essential part of my learning to have both a group mentoring session with Kelly Brown while she was visiting NYC all the way from Australia and then even more beneficial was my 1:1 mentoring with Erin Tole in 2014 where I was able to have a ton of hands-on posing, guidance and awesome tricks that made it all click into place for me.  Yes, it was a big investment, but without those two mentoring sessions (with some of the very best, internationally recognized newborn photographers in the world), I truly do not feel I would have been voted into the BEST of the BEST.  You can click here to see that post!

Newborn Photography Mentoring Baltimore DC Frederick Posing workshop studio light

To be among the best, you have to LEARN from the best!  Do not settle for a mentor who specializes in weddings to teach you the fine skills necessary when it comes to the true art of newborn photography because trust me when I say, it’s a wholllleeeeeeee new ball-game and it’s also unlike any other type of photography out there.  

This is what I specialize in.

This is what I adore.

This is what I am passionate about –newborn photography and teaching others who are committed to growth and ready to truly take it to the next level in their business!


how to soothe newborn baby in photography session with big hands

indian baby boy newborn photography long hair and eyelashes

I have a brand spankin’ new page on this website that’s JAM-PACKED with more information detailing all of the ways I am going to help you rock those newborn sessions to make it effortless and FUN! (and also has a ton more photos to browse -wink-)

Are you a newborn photographer who is ready to make 2017 EPIC????  Let’s DO THIS!  Contact me and let’s chat


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