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Today I am officially introducing both 1:1 and Small Group Mentoring Sessions with a Newborn Photography Mentoring Retreat near Baltimore in the heart of Frederick!  Sooo, hello and thanks for stopping by, curious Newborn Photographer friend -let’s dive right in 😉

frederick baltimore dc newborn photography mentoring workshop

I am beyond thrilled to offer you a fun, laid back (but jam-packed) 2 FULL days of learning in my private 2000+ sqft. studio located in the heart of Downtown Frederick Maryland, less than an hour from both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. !  I provide the breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day (plus wine/beer/other spirits at the end of the day after our babies have left and it’s just our group, hanging out and talking in real-life-human-speak;))

I have a strong passion for teaching and feel very strongly that “hands-on” mentoring is the ONLY way to learn how to fine-tune your skills and take your work to the next level when it comes to Newborn Photography.  Having learned from two of the very best Newborn Photographers in the industry, I am going to let you in a little secret . . ..you ready???

Nothing you can read in any e-book or watch pre-recorded online lesson could -ever- compare to the real-time learning and support you will receive during your 2 DAY hands-on mentoring retreat with me! Yes, it’s an investment in your business but I promise you that it’s so worth it and the quickest way to see immediate results in your posing as well as your business sense (plus -ahem- tax-write off!)

This is NOT one of those blahhhh boring workshops where you sit behind me with a pen and paper and watch me work (been there, done that) while you have a million questions exploding inside your head. Nah! not even close!

This IS the most interactive, in-depth, open-book version detailing my entire newborn photography business where you get an exclusive front row view of exactly what I do and why I do it. No question will be left unanswered and no topic is off-limits 😉  If you’ve ever met me, you know that I am not one to hold back and keep “secrets” to my success because truthfully -more than anything- this is about YOU and not me.  This is about you growing and succeeding and I am your biggest cheerleader through the entire process including prep, posing, post-session workflow, and printing your artwork! No more digital downloads!!

This IS a workshop retreat where I teach you some amazing tricks and techniques on our first day together (with the help of several newborn models, of course) and then on day 2, I  step back and guide you as you use the skills you’ve just learned and put them into action! No worries, I will be right beside you to give you pointers and correct anything out of place while letting you get comfortable working with real newborns and putting your newfound skills into practice 🙂

Newborn Photography Mentoring Posing Class Baltimore DC Frederick

Are you ready to take your art to the next level? Ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn a ton of new tricks, tips, and “ah-ha” moments?
newborn photography posing workshop mentoring baltimore dc frederick

Are you ready to rock your studio strobe lighting but have no idea how to go about getting that soft, diffused light you love so much?   Are you are a natural light photographer curious about studio light or just craving the consistency of strobes?

Newborn posing class Baltimore DC Frederick mom baby

Do you feel there is just -something- missing from your newborn session that is keeping you from getting the final image “wow” factor?
Are you struggling to keep your babies soothed/sleepy throughout your session and wondering just how many hours of shushing and rocking side-to-side is really necessary in each session? Wondering how to transition without startling them back into full awake mode?
Do you feel burnt out and ready to throw in the towel? Are you spending so many hours culling, editing, blogging and keeping up with social media that you’ve completely lost control of your home life balance?
Frederick Baltimore Newborn Photography Mentoring
Are you constantly trying to keep “ahead of the game” on social media and your website but feel like you are spinning your wheels and seeing little or no progress?
mentoring baby newborn baby boy newborn posed on cream blanket
Wellllllll, don’t worry, friends! Let me show you an easier way to connect with these tiny humans (alongside their parents!)  and regain control of your life through a streamlined process of prepping, posing, post-processing workflow, and business-savvy SEO techniques to ensure you stay on page 1 of Google and have a steady stream of clients and START selling fine art products and STOP giving away your digital files.
newborn mentoring dc baby eyelashes with hands on cheeks
Over the course of this 2 day retreat you will learn:

– Parent and Newborn Pre-Session Prep including my  “Preparing for Your Newborn Session” guide to make sure you start your session off on the right note! How being candid and light-hearted with the parents sets the tone for a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience!

– How to master Studio Lighting and how making minor adjustments changes the entire feel of your final image

– Studio prep / What you need on-hand at every single newborn session

– Posing transitions / workflow – keeping those tiny humans sleepy and allowing you to work smoothly and safely through a proven series of poses both on the beanbag and with the use of props

– Styling / How to Choose the perfect prop / Vendors I love

– Camera angles with live, real-time help.  You take the image then show me the back of your camera and I help you fine-tune right then and there and make sure it’s all clicking into place before we move on to the next shot 😉

– Camera settings and which lens I use for every single session

– Macro photography – capturing the tiniest of details

– Newborn Soothing Skills –  I’ve never met a baby I couldn’t coax into a gentle slumber – true facts! I am a total baby-whisperer and you will be, too!

– Newborn Safety -This is of paramount importance and throughout the course of our time together, it’s something I will re-enforce over and over and over and over again . . ( I have seen far too many unsafe props and unsafe handling techniques in newborn sessions and this is something I am super adamant about and you should be, too!) We will practice spotting, proper support/positioning and composite images

– Baby wrapping techniques and why bigger isn’t always better!

– How to make friends with/coerce (bribe) those tricky toddler siblings into actually -wanting- to be involved in your session

– Why I insist on parent shots every single time and how to make them feel an emotional connection during your time together.

– Post-processing (culling and editing using LR and PS)

– On-going support via Private Facebook group limited to Christin Lewin Photography Mentoring Students only (plus me, of course).  You will receive real-time advice/fine tuning/inspiration help from a group of women on the same journey as you are and who are pushing you to be your best and grow your business.  I won’t just drop you off at the airport and wave “ta-ta!”  Oh no!  You will receive all of the help and continued learning you could ever need and it’s tailored to fit what you learned during our retreat time together.  I want you to succeed!

*** The Biggest, Bestest, most valuable and AWESOMEST / HUGEST game-changer I can offer you!***

* The delicate art of In-Person Sales aka IPS – You will learn why I no longer give away my digitals via downloadable gallery and neither should you!  I will show you -exactly- how I made $10,000 in the very first month I switched to offering fine art products*

– I will detail each of the fine art printing companies I have researched and ultimately chosen to best represent my brand and let you explore all of the products I offer to my clients.  I will show you what to choose and what to avoid (save yourself thousands of dollars in studio samples that you’ll never use!)

-Branding!  Business branding is SO important!  Let’s look at your brand, your portfolio, your vibe and let’s see if we can make it even better.

You with me?

Newborn Photography Teaching BTS Frederick Baltimore DC posing
Newborn Photographer BTS Mentoring Teaching Baltimore

Because that’s not all! . . .not even close!

We will go into different business strategies that I use to reach my ideal clients and how I provide them the best customer service possible. The business discussion is a question and answer session  – I am an open book and no question is too tricky for me to break down in simple terms for you. No question will go unanswered. We will dive into SEO (search engine optimization), web rankings, the importance of blogging, using a client management system and how it saved my sanity, using templates to streamline your workflow, 3 ways to stand apart in a saturated market, easy tips to maintain a client database and drive in new traffic using existing clients – your biggest cheerleaders!

I will show you how I went from page 10 to page 1 on Google in less than a month – Yes, it’s totally doable if you follow simple steps!

newborn mentoring teaching workshop baltimore frederick dc
Baltimore Newborn Photographer Capturing Large Families
twins smiling newborn baby photography workshop class
Frederick Maryland Newborn Baby Photographer boy with dad sleeping
Frederick Maryland Newborn Baby Photographer Boy counting sheep
Frederick Maryland Newborn Baby Photographer boy cream blanket rolls details

Soooooooo – Are you ready to taking your business to the next level?  Do you want to start -actually – earning a living just doing what you love?

Need someone who will “tell it like it is” without all the PC-correctness and blah blah blah (because I curse like a sailor – just sayin’!)

Want to learn through hands-on experience, open-book transparency, real-time teaching and take your business to the next level??

Well then it’s a match! Swipe RIGHT! 😉

 . . . . . . .
Just kidding .

..but seriously! Let’s rock this adventure called “Newborn Photography” together and have your mind blown?? Connect with me today! It’s going to be amazing 😉

A bonus “behind-the-scenes” video of a recent newborn session (if you’ve made it this far, congratulations!)


Christin Lewin specializes in Newborn Baby Photography around Frederick, Baltimore, Columbia and Washington DC including Ellicott City, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Hagerstown, Fulton, Laurel, Annapolis, Towson, and Central Maryland